Hello my name its Christian and I am from Austria. I started traveling in 2011 and I will share my experience and impressions with you!

I am very thankful that you are reading my stories here and hope to hear from you!

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I found “mylifewithmybackpack” in 2013 after my first real backpacker experience in Africa. I bought myself a new Canon camera and started also the photography. After 2 months in Africa it was time to publish the pictures for my friends.

The easiest way for it was for sure Facebook at this time and so I found also the group “mylifewithmybackpack”. How became it this name? Maybe because I am living out of a backpack since I left Austria or maybe because it was the first mind in my head and I liked it.. Well, today it is a name which should be remembered by my friends and hopefully also from you 🙂

Since 2011 I visited many countries, sometimes for work sometimes only for a vacation. The most important was for me to improve my english skills, which were not good at this time. Also for my first time abroad I thought it would be easier to stay in Europe, just in case if anything will happen its really easy to go back..

Now you are probably thinking what I am working? I am a chef! A dream came true for me on the day when I started work at the age of 15 and until today I am very happy about this decision.

So you see, cooking and traveling have a great relationship together. And at the age of 21 everything changed..

I went to Ireland, was working there, explored the country with the beautiful people, went to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho to learn about a new culture, went to Switzerland to improve my chef skills and became a Sous Chef, also traveled on all of my off time through this amazing country, went to the Netherlands – Amsterdam, sometimes I also came home to Austria for vacation and visiting friends and family, then it overcame me again that I have to travel further.. the idea of an all around the world trip was born and here am I now! I am sitting somewhere below a palm tree and write my posts 🙂

The point of this page is, that you can see how easy it is to travel, what is necessary to know, and that the world is not dangerous at all!

Have fun! 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures from me, usually I don´t make any but its just that you know who I am 🙂

IMG_2854 2

in front of the Burj Khalifa


in the mountains of Switzerland / Zermatt


hiking at the Drakensberg area

IMG_5389 2

at Ko Samui


Lake of Lucerne


laughing down from Table Mountain

904485_578799238806516_785471725_opumpkin party at shark cage diving


some fun at work 😉

Start here with Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America or the Middle East.

6 Comments on “About

  1. I’m so excited for you! The page is cool and promises more…..
    Looking forward!

  2. Your life sounds like a dream come true! My boyfriend and I are about to embark on a year-long journey around Southern Africa, Asia and Oceania. While we are planning on spending a year travelling, the list of places we want to visit is endless (we want to see the world!), and we hope to continue travelling throughout our lives.

    For work, I am in international development, which lends itself well to travelling. My boyfriend is a cook and would love to become a real chef one day, so for him in particular your life is ideal. Congratulations on living on your own terms.

    We wish you safe and happy travels now and in the future.


    Stephie (one half of The Wandering Soles)

    • dear Stephie, thank you so much for your lovely message! I wish you also best of luck and enjoy your journeys!! I am back at work for the moment but the world doesn’t run away 😉

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